His hands are holding Billy's arms down the mattress, his lips brushing slightly over exposed skin, almost not touching it at all, only reminiscent of kisses.
Billy's hips are pushing upwards, hoping for contact, looking for friction.

"Billy," Dom says, Dom purrs in Billy's ears.
"Billy, I want to watch you fuck him," and Billy closes his eyes.

Dom's body, his warm and sweaty body, draws back. Is replaced by another body, shivering, unsure, lighter, but not less excited body and when Billy opens his eyes again he looks into Elijah's. Elijah's eyes, nervous and asking.

Billy brings a hand between their bodies, tugging at the waistband of Elijah's boxers, sliding in, touching his erection and Elijah's eyelids flutter.

Moving his hand up and down Elijah's length, slowly, soothing somehow, he searches the room for Dom. Finds him on the armchair near the window, touching himself. Looks into his eyes.

Drawing his attention on Elijah again, he turns him around, carefully, makes him lie on his back, takes off his boxers, never pausing the movements of his right hand.

"Fuck him," says Dom, his voice dark of desire and Billy looks at Elijah who nods in silent consent.

"He wants it, Billy."

Billy lets his hand wander further down, preparing him, making him ready.

His body slips between Elijah's legs which are drawn to Elijah's body, instinctively.

Pushes inside, cautious, moving slowly, trying to be considerate.
Finding a rhythm, thrusting, filling Elijah.

Feeling Dom's eyes locked on him. On Elijah. On their moving bodies.

His climax, then, fast and hard. Collapses on Elijah, breathing hard.

Dom crawls back into the bed. Kissing them. Both.