those things

You watch him leaning back in his chair. He folds his hands behind his head, looking at you. His face displays a wide grin.
“What?” you ask, stopping the process of making a sandwich, staring at his silly grin. You know that grin. It scares you. Well, not exactly. It scares but excites you at the same time. Dom is up to no good when he comes up with a grin like that.
“You’re seriously telling me your new film is called “Thumbsucker”, and you’re gonna play a guy who can’t stop sucking his thumb?” he says, still grinning like a happy child.
“It’s a bit more complex, but, yeah, I guess that’s what I’m telling you, and I have absolutely no idea why you think that’s funny in any way,” you say, before turning towards your sandwich again. “This is a serious topic,” you add.
“Oh, indeed,” he replies. He starts to giggle now. It annoys you a bit, but nevertheless you are curious what the hell is so funny about the movie you’ll soon start to film. You shake your head in order to show your displeasure.
“Dom, you are so silly today. Did you take anything?”
Dom does not go into it. “Elijah,” he says, “that is the role of your life.”
“Huh?” You think Frodo comes much nearer to the role of your life. So what is he talking about?
“I mean, you will act so perfectly in that role, you know, it will be very convincing. Just because you will not literally have to act, you can be just yourself.”
“Sorry?” Now he’s confusing you. “Have you ever seen me sucking my thumb?”
“It’s not the thumbsucking in particular. It’s your oral fixation I’m talking about.”
Your eyes widen. You have never ever even thought about the sheer possibility you might have an oral fixation.
“Who says I have an oral fixation?”
You watch Dom, waiting for more words to come, words of explanation. But they are not coming.
“I don’t think I’m orally fixated, Dominic.” Not that it would be a big deal if you were but you aren’t.
“Oh, c’mon. If *you* are not orally fixated, no one is.”
You decide not to listen to him any longer. This conversation is leading nowhere. And ,besides, you’re trying to make a sandwich for more than five minutes now. Time to get it done. But Dom seems not to be interested in the fact that you don’t say anything and show him your back.
“See, you stick *everything* in your mouth.” You raise an eyebrow. “You always nibble at your nails. If you write something you always have the cap of the pen in your mouth. All your pencils suffer from oral abuse: they all have prints of your teeth on them.”
“I don’t listen to you…Are you sure you didn’t take anything?” You wonder if he might be right after all. But you don’t say it. Of course you don’t say it. Fine, at least you have finished making the sandwich finally. There’s still a bit of peanut butter on the knife. You lick it off, as you always do.
“Ha!” he bursts out. You’re startled. What the fuck…?
“Now you’re even sticking that knife into your mouth…”
You let the knife fall into the sink. You feel embarrassed now, even though you seriously doubt there’s a reason for feeling embarrassed.
“I cleaned it,” you try to defend yourself. “I don’t want to waste anything, you fucking idiot.”
“I know,” he says and smiles. The smile softens your indignation. It’s a loving smile. You think he might love you *because* of your oral fixation. If you had one, of course.
“And what about me then,” he continues. “You never miss a chance to suck at any part of my body anytime.”
“If I were you, I’d better shut up now.”
“You suck my earlobes…you suck my fingers…you suck my tongue…you suck my toes…heck, you even sucked my nose once. Not to forget, you always spend an extra intense time sucking my cock…”
You gasp for breath. You are not sure if you should smile or glare at him. You decide to glare, but you cannot hide the hint of a smile in the corner of your mouth.
“Dom, I don’t *have* to do that. Just tell me, and I’ll stop, I’ll never suck anything of you again. I’m fine with that,” you say fluffily and carefree. Not that you’d really be fine with that.
“The film should be renamed to ‘Cocksucker’.”
“Okay, Mr Monaghan, one more word, and…”
“And what?”
“And…I’ll never suck your cock again.” Dom is silent now. You watch him a few seconds then you turn around to take your sandwich. That possibly did the trick.
It’s only a whisper what you hear behind you.
“Cocksucker.” You turn around in a rush.
“Okay. Fine. You wanted it this way. The hard way. No sucking, no kissing, no sexual intercourse of any sort for…uhh…let’s say two weeks.”
He laughs. “Now you sound like a girl.”
“I don’t sound like a girl, and I’m serious. Fucking serious.” You’re really serious at that moment.
“You couldn’t stand it.”
“I will. You’ll suffer. You’ll beg. But I’ll be hard. No chance for you and your cock.” You shrug, and disappear out the door.
“You’ll find me in the living-room if you want anything…like talking…or apologising.” With these words you are gone.

You sit on the sofa for less than a minute and you’ve just turned on the TV as Dom enters. Not that this surprises you. He sits down next to you. He draws his legs towards his body, resting his chin on his knees. He watches you eating your sandwich.
“Oh,” you say, “So, here for apologising?”
“You won’t live through it, Lij.”
“I will, be sure.”
Dom shakes his head. “No, you won’t. Right now in this moment, you are thinking of the opportunity to kiss me.” You stare on the TV screen, not at all thinking of kissing Dom. No.
“Do you think what it would be like to kiss me now? You could do it…no problem…”
He licks his lips. You watch him out of the corners of your eyes.
“You look like a whore, Dom. I’m not interested.” You try to concentrate on Roadrunner, wondering if the Coyote will get him. Much more interesting than Dom’s lips. My, those lips…
He changes his position, drawing nearer. His lips almost brush your neck. You can feel his warm and moist breath as he says huskily: “Imagine what it would be like to kiss me. You could taste me. You could nibble on my lower lip. You like to do that. You’d put your hands under my shirt…”
“I wouldn’t.”
“You would. I’m speaking out of experience. You’d put your hands under my shirt and rub your thumbs across my nipples. I’d get out of my T-shirt, then. You would lower your head over my chest, lick my nipples, you know, sucking on them…cause that is what you like, sucking, isn’t it? You’ll close your lips around them, Lij, and you’ll suck and I will very much appreciate it.”
“Yes, indeed. Then you will move further down, Lij, you’ll stick your tongue in my belly button before you open these jeans and find my dick there.”
“Dom, that’s disgusting, I’m still eating here,” you complain, trying to let your voice sound profound, hiding the shivers that go through your body and ignoring the feeling that is rising in your stomach. You will stand to what you said.
“Then you’ll suck my cock, Lij,” Dom continues. You swallow hard. “Can you imagine what it is like to suck it? You like that, don’t you? You love my hard cock up your throat, no? Love to work on it with your tongue, slowly first, teasing me, then faster and faster and…”
“Dom, shut the fuck up.” You are blushing and you know it. Why are you blushing now? Wrong timing. The smirk on Dom’s face shows you that he has seen you blushing, too. He seems to be having a whole lot of fun here, the little bugger. Why did you get a boyfriend that is so fucking obscene?
“Mmmh, Lijah, I like it when you suck me off…God…yes…Lijah…that’s…yes…” He moans and groans and breathes hard. He’s putting on a real show next to you. Okay, you realise that at least his arousal is not faked, you can see he’s really hard, the bulge in his jeans is just too obvious. Just like yours. Fuck. Suddenly he reaches down to his jeans, unbuttoning it. “Am so hard…need to do something about it,” he says, his eyes closed.
“Oh, nooo, Dom, you won’t be jerking off here in front of me. No way.” This is going too far. You have regained your self-control. Maybe.
“No. Go to the bathroom. The bedroom. Anywhere. Not. Here.”
“I’d do so, but…” and his eyes go down your body, resting on your crotch, “it seems you have a problem, too, so what will you do if I leave? Why not work this out together?” He looks at you with his puppy eyes. You sigh.
“Because you are a fucking idiot and I won’t always give in to you.”
He smiles. “Giving in is quite easy,” Dom says while he puts a finger under your chin so you look straight into his eyes. Then he moves the hand slowly down your body, letting it rest right over your aching erection.
“And it’s not necessarily something bad, you’ll see.”
Then his tongue slides out, licking the little spot right behind your earlobe that he knows makes you insane. “C’mon,” he whispers. “Give in. Suck my cock, then I’ll suck yours in return. Deal? I promise I’ll tell nobody that you cannot resist my attractions.”
You face him. By the glow in his eyes you can see that he knows he has won. And you know it, too. His tongue on your neck, his damp breath near your ear, his low voice, his hand between your legs, moving…damned. He always wins. You always give in. But can anyone blame you for that? You don’t think so. Your boyfriend is not only obscene but the hottest guy you ever met. And an awesome lover. You should take advantage of that fact. It’s your right. So you lean over suddenly, grabbing his head with both hands to pull him nearer. Then you kiss him hard, almost aggressive, wanting, demanding, giving in.
“You’re right, that could be the role of my life. Anyway, I need some practice,” you say while you work on removing his jeans. As you lower your head over his crotch, he says: “Okay, maybe I’ll tell Billy about this. He’ll laugh his ass off.” He’ll always be a teasing pisser, you think, but ignore his words. That’s why you love him, isn’t it?