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author's/artist's websites
Adiratus-Witchy Tara's collective
A Juwel among Hobbits-fanfiction&rps by Diamond
AndreaLyn: The Archive-fiction by AndreaLyn
A Shortcut to Trianne-fiction by Trianne's hobbit hole
bypaths-fiction by Kia and Shallow
dominate me please-Elaine's multifandom fanfiction archive
Dream Bastion-Angel's website
fe.tish-fiction by echo archive for Darkie's slash fiction
four hobbits-fiction and multimedia by my kind donor of webspace, Uluviel
Furry Feet, Beery Kisses-a place for O's fanart
gabby hope's complete waste of (web)space-gabby's fiction
lasciatemi cantare-fics and icons by kaydee falls'hal's website
Mindless Entertainment with Absolutely No Redeeming Features -shaenie's fiction's stuff
Rhythm and Hues-Bunnie's real person slash&fanfiction
Rynalwyn's Library-fiction by Rynalwyn, Aelane and Angel's website
synonymous-fiction by sarah h.
The History of Us-the fan fiction archive of Daisy Gamgee
Welcome to Hobbiton-fiction by Molly

other stuff
eve and the breeze
sternschwester's insel