in between

Dom in front of him, down on his knees. Billy doesn’t dare to look down. He could stop. Could take away those hot lips, that slick tongue. Shouldn’t stop. Mustn’t stop.
“Look, Billy. Watch him.” Elijah’s voice, purring in his ear, body pressed against his back, so close, hot breath on his neck.
Eventually Billy dares to open his eyes. Blinks. Breath getting heavier. Faster. Pants. Knees getting weak.
Dom steadying his hips, pressing him against Elijah’s torso. Elijah’s erection. Watches Dom. There. Down there. Moving, licking, sucking. Sucking *him* *off*.
Wheezes. Moans. Wants to scream.
A hand covering his mouth. “Shh...” Elijah’s voice again. “Be quiet, will you. We are in a changing room, remember? They can all hear you, Billy.” Elijah’s arms embracing him from behind. Holding him. Hands slowly running down his chest.
Too much. Comes. Muscles clenching, finger’s digging in Dom’s hair, clutching his head. Smiles.